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Sing Me In Handbook 2: Including young people with migrant backgrounds in existing choir

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The Sing Me In project

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European Choral Association

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Sing Me In’s second handbook focuses on “regular” children and youth choirs, some of whose members are young migrants, rather than singing activities with refugees only (covered in “Sing Me In: Singing with groups of young refugees”) or class singing in schools (covered in “Sing Me In: Working in a school environment”).

This handbook, the second in a series of four outputs produced by the Sing Me In project, is aimed at conductors and others active in the field of collective singing, and offers tips on how to: integrate young migrants in their choirs; set up bicultural or multicultural choirs; face certain challenges; avoid common pitfalls. it gives practical advice on a selection of topics including: language issues; religious and cultural issues; gender issues; economic differences/funding opportunities; legal issues; repertoire choices; the role of the conductor.

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