Social Prescribing in Secondary Care: How to Guide

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Family Action

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Family Action, Healthy London Partnership

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Commissioned by Healthy London Partnership, this Social Prescribing in Secondary Care How to Guide is aimed at NHS commissioners and Senior Managers, as well as those directly in charge of implementation and delivery of the service from both the NHS and voluntary providers.

This document can be used to improve London’s health and care by enabling the efficient and effective commissioning, implementation and ongoing delivery of Social Prescribing Services in Secondary Care. The Social Prescribing model allows for increased links between clinical care, social care and voluntary sector networks, enabling people to tackle mental and physical health issues that see them frequently attend or return to Primary and Secondary Care.
This guide assumes that a Social Prescribing Service in Primary Care already exists and that a voluntary provider will be commissioned to supply the Social Prescribing in Secondary Care Service.

Section 1 contains details on what to consider when deciding if a Social Prescribing service in Secondary Care is right for your situation and, if you do wish to deliver this service, what to be aware of in the initial planning stages. It is intended to support Commissioners and Senior Managers.

Section 2 contains information on how to implement a service once it has been commissioned. It is intended to support managers (from both the hospital and the voluntary provider) who will be directly in charge of implementation and delivery of the service.

Section 3 contains helpful resources to support decision-making and service delivery. It is intended to support all sections and gives further detail on earlier content.

Family Action is a charity committed to building stronger families and brighter lives by delivering innovative and effective services and support that reaches out to many of the UK’s most vulnerable people. They are experienced at running Social Prescribing services and related service models.
Healthy London Partnership formed in 2015 and is supported by and delivering for London’s NHS, London Councils, Public Health England and the Mayor of London. Their aim is to make London the healthiest global city by working with partners to improve Londoners’ health and wellbeing.

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Family Action (2018). Social Prescribing in Secondary Care: How to Guide. UK: Healthy London Partnership.