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Talking about Arts in Health

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Sonke J

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University of Florida

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Other Paper


The University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine convened a five-day roundtable of educators from universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. This paper focuses on addressing language used to describe the discipline within the purview of education, rather than the field, which would be the purview of a professional field association. It is also intended to examine the use of terminology and make a recommendation with the intent to unify language within and across educational programs. In preparation for the roundtable, a seven-question survey was developed to query educators and professionals regarding language preferences for referencing the discipline. In the paper, it also analyses the result of survey.

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Sonke J, Lee J, Rollins J, Carytsas F, Imus S, Lambert P, Mullen T, Spooner H (2017). Talking about Arts in Health. USA: University of Florida,Center for Arts in Medicine, University of Florida.