The Alchemy Project evaluation report

The Alchemy Project evaluation report

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Optimity Advisors

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Optimity Matrix

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An evaluation report on a pilot, four-week, intensive contemporary dance programme for young people with psychosis in South London. ‘SeaBreeze’ was conducted by Dance United in conjunction with South London and the Maudsley’s Early Intervention service. The evaluation noted changes in participants’ mental wellbeing and quality of life, and assessed the costs of the benefits derived from the programme.

The findings were limited by the lack of data for assessments beyond the end of the intervention. The data available does show improvements in both groups, including self-belief, confidence and trust in others over the course of the intervention. The intervention also improved the quality of life of the participant.

The value for money analysis showed that, based on the gains observed, the intervention is unlikely to be cost-effective unless benefits are sustained for a considerable period of time. The report recommends a longer-term study to assess the effects of the intervention.

Main Focus: Mental Health

Research Purpose: Outcome Evaluation

Participant Group: Young People (16-25)

Art Forms: Dance

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Optimity Advisors. (2016). The Alchemy Project evaluation report. London: Optimity Matrix.