The Dark Self Evaluation Report

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Aldworth S, Reiss V, Slater I

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How the use of decor and visual arts in a Sleep Disorders Centre positively impacts on both staff and patient wellbeing. Visual decor created by Susan Aldworth as well as patients and staff aimed to create a more inviting and relaxing environment for the improvement of patient and staff wellbeing and experience.

This report presents the activities, learning and findings that have resulted from The Dark Self project through evaluative practice that has followed the process throughout. It is intended to reflect on the achievements in terms of the original aims and ambitions, the challenges arising, explore any additional outcomes and impacts, and take account of the different perspectives of all of those who have been involved.

Context: Hospital

Art Forms: Visual Arts

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Slater, I., Reiss, V., Aldworth, S. (2019). The Dark Self Evaluation Report.