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The story so far

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NalandaWay Foundation

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NalandaWay Foundation

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Nalandaway Foundation uses visual and performing Arts to help children from disadvantaged communities in India. This report offers an update on all their projects to date.

This report takes a look at all their projects through the years including Art in Education, Art Labs, NalandaWay Scholars, Project Hope, Art for Well-being, Take it Easy, Ready Joot!, Chennai and Delhi Children’s Choir, Fundango, Gutar Goo, Art for Healing and many more. For example, their project Percussion Band in Ongole targets children at risk of being trafficked for sex and teaches them skills in folk art, theatre and drums. Alongside learning these skills they were coached by trainers/mentors in social consciousness, communication skills, storytelling, drama, dance and music.

Nalandaway Foundation endeavours to improve learning abilities, reinforce positive behaviour and help children soar high by enabling them to be creative and express through Arts. Founded in 2005, Nalandaway has been helping children raise their voices and issues through theatre, visual arts, music, dance, radio and films.

Evidence Type: Case Study

Main Focus: Community Development

Context: Community

Participant Group: Children (0-15)

Art Forms: Multi-Arts

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NalandaWay Foundation (2020). The story so far. Chennai: NalandaWay Foundation.