The VOICE project 2012-2015: Final Report

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European Choral Magazine

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This special edition of the European Choral Magazine, produced by European Choral Association (Europa Cantat) reports on the VOICE project 2012-2015 –  a European project for the sustainable development and innovation of choral singing. It showcases two of VOICE’s projects: “Singing Europe”, a European Pilot Study on the topic of collective singing in adults, and “The Singing Sofa, sit down and play” which polled children and youngsters on their experiences of singing, and singing in a choir.

“VOICE, Vision on Innovation for Choral Music in Europe” is a European Cooperation Project funded by the EU Culture Programme – a first-time major co-operation between choral operators, music educators and researchers, it is a joint effort of 15 coorganisers, spread over 11 countries.
The aims of VOICE are: to encourage new events and methods and the creation of innovative repertoire; promote the voice as universal instrument; improve the quality of vocal music; enable transnational mobility and circulation of (young) musicians and choral works; enhance the dialogue between cultures and generations as well as the exchange of expertise; develop new tools for the promotion of singing in music education.

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European Choral Magazine (2015). The VOICE project 2012-2015: final report. European Choral Association.