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Transformative: impacts of culture and creativity

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Ang I, Bennett T, Cunningham S, Gillies M, Milam J

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Australian Academy of the Humanities

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Report on the impacts of culture and creativity produced by A New Approach (ANA) think tank for the Australian Academy of the Humanities. The report addresses the social impacts of culture and creativity in seven areas, including the economy, education and health and well-being, drawing on evidence from around the world. It considers what Australia is currently achieving through cultural initiatives and what it could do better.

The report claims that the evidence shows clearly that the arts and culture can inspire meaningful change within communities and the lives of individuals. With respect to health, they conclude that there is substantial evidence to show that the arts and cultural participation can deliver improved physical, mental and emotional health outcomes. They highlight the contribution of Australian researchers in conducting the first ‘dose-response’ study of arts and mental health, showing that 2-hours of creative activity per week could enhance mental wellbeing in the general population.

Evidence Type: Survey

Main Focus: Wellbeing / Quality of life

Research Purpose: Literature Review

Context: Community

Art Forms: Multi-Arts

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Gillies, M., Ang, I., Bennett, T., Cunningham, S. and Milam, J. (A New Approach think tank research working group) (2019). Transformative: impacts of culture and creativity. Australian Academy of the Humanities.