Voluntary Arts and BBC Local Radio Up for Arts National Roll-Out Evaluation, Phase One Report

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Ewbank N, Vella-Burrows T

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Nick Ewbank Associates


Up for Arts is an innovative partnership project between Voluntary Arts (VA) and the BBC. The goal of the project is to enact ‘social action’, by bringing together local community networks, new and established creative groups and local agencies through the medium of the BBC. It aims to provide novel services in hard-to-reach communities and ‘cold spot’ locations, where numbers active in the arts are relatively low, to ensure that key messages are amplified and creative engagement is enhanced.

This case study evaluation aimed to provide a ‘thick description’ of the impact of Up for Arts programmes to date. Twenty-one people contributed to the case study evaluation: eight participants in existing Up for Arts projects; four participants from projects earmarked as future partners for Up for Arts CWR; and nine organisational personnel. The system of analysis used in this stage of the evaluation reflects the principles of qualitative data software programmes, such as NVivo. For this evaluation, the process was conducted by hand. The emergent themes from all the data relate directly or indirectly to wellbeing. The themes are reported as follows:
• Mental wellbeing
• Behaviour change and barriers
• Social cohesion and social capital
• Organisational partners
• Radio and community relations
• Creative outputs
• Education / life-long learning.

This evaluation of the first phase of the Up for Arts roll-out has shown that the partnership between VA and BBC local radio has provided good reach into communities and has helped to deliver the strategic objectives of both VA and the BBC.

Evidence Type: Qualitative Research

Main Focus: Community Development

Research Purpose: Outcome Evaluation

Context: Community

Art Forms: Multi-Arts

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Ewbank, N. and Vella-Burrows, T. (2020). Voluntary Arts and BBC Local Radio Up for Arts National Roll-Out Evaluation, Phase One Report. Folkestone: Nick Ewbank Associates.