Wellbeing Evidence at the Heart of Policy

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Brunetti S, Hardoon D, Hey N

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What Works Centre for Wellbeing

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From central and local government to businesses of all sizes to the smallest local community organisations, improving wellbeing is already widely recognised as a goal of policy and practice. This report sets out the state of the evidence and next steps for applying a wellbeing approach to decision making in the UK.

The report is comprised of four sections:

• Getting to clarity. What we mean by wellbeing and how we measure it
• Creating cost-effective policy with a wellbeing lens
• The role of businesses, communities and individuals in improving wellbeing
• Discussion of some of the areas for further research and development needed to put a wellbeing approach into practice.

In its conclusion the report builds on the Commission for Wellbeing and Policy’s 12 priority areas and sets out WISER wellbeing priority areas in relation to: work; income; society and governance; emotional-mental health; and relationships and communities.

Evidence Type: Policy Document

Main Focus: Wellbeing / Quality of life

Research Purpose: Discussion / Debate

Context: Community

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Hardoon, D., Hey, N., Brunetti, S. (2020) Wellbeing Evidence at the Heart of Policy. London: What Works Centre for Wellbeing