Wellbeing Impact Report Tune In 2019-20 Workplace Choirs

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Tune In began in July 2019, a collaboration between on:song and Lloyds Banking Group (LBG), initiated by LBG’s mental health lead, Martin Roberts. The project saw weekly hour-long lunchtime singing sessions taking place simultaneously in five regional sites; Edinburgh, Halifax, Manchester, Bristol and London.

The initiative aimed to bring colleagues together, develop the culture and sense of community and contribute to the wellbeing and positive mental health of LBG colleagues. The sessions were designed to be as inclusive and engaging as possible with a strong emphasis on being open to all, with no prior experience necessary.

Through regular surveying and interviews, on:song were able to measure the effectiveness of the Tune In program,focusing on general wellbeing; connection and community;learning and growth; and career wellbeing.
This provided valuable insights for LBG and helping to strengthen the wellbeing and economic case for the project.

Evidence Type: Non-Randomised Evaluation

Main Focus: Community Development

Research Purpose: Outcome Evaluation

Context: Community

Participant Group: Adults

Art Forms: Music

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On:song (2021). Wellbeing Impact Report Tune In 2019-20 Workplace Choirs. UK: On:song.