Wellbeing in four policy areas

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Berry C

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New Economics Foundation

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This report is result of a year-long All-Party Parliaimentary Group (APPG) inquiry exploring how wellbeing evidence can be translated into policy in four diverse areas: labour markets, planning and transport, mindfulness in health and education, and arts and culture.

The UK has become a global leader by measuring national well-being. Yet, despite important advances, wellbeing evidence is not yet being widely used to inform policy. This report sets out to demonstrate that this can and should be done, focusing on wellbeing evidence four specific policy areas: labour markets, planning and transport, mindfulness in health and education, and arts and culture.

In regards to arts and culture, the report discusses findings on the value of arts for promoting wellbeing both directly and indirectly (for example, by improving physical health), and how arts policy can be used to overcome wellbeing inequalities. The report then offers several concrete policy recommendations for arts funding bodies and central or local government health departments to utilize wellbeing analysis as a way to discern the impact of arts and culture on human lives, as a method to set strategic priorities for arts funding, and as an evidence base to assure that the benefits of arts spending are spread in particular to those with lower wellbeing.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Wellbeing Economics was made up of politicians from all major political parties. It was set up to:

Provide a forum for discussion of wellbeing issues and public policy in Parliament;

Promote enhancement of wellbeing as an important government goal;

Encourage the adoption of wellbeing indicators as complimentary measures of progress to GDP; and

Promote policies designed to enhance wellbeing.

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Berry,C. (2014). Wellbeing in four policy areas . UK: New Economics Foundation.