West Yorkshire Playhouse Guide to Dementia Friendly Performances

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Taylor N

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West Yorkshire Playhouse

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West Yorkshire Playhouse has been leading the way in dementia-friendly performances. This is an in-depth guide to dementia friendly performances based on the unique experience of West Yorkshire Playhouse and aims to inspire more venues to take up this opportunity across the UK. It looks at staging and adapting shows as well cost implications and identified benefits.

Many people with dementia have spent a lifetime attending theatre, concerts and music halls. A diagnosis of dementia can reduce confidence and increase isolation, leaving people with dementia and their supporters less likely to attempt such trips.

Their aspiration is to increase opportunities for people with dementia to access life-enhancing shows, reconnecting them to their local cultural venues and their communities. They hope theatres across the UK and beyond will find this practical guide an inspiration in advocating for and staging dementia friendly performances.

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Taylor, N. (2016).West Yorkshire Playhouse Guide to Dementia Friendly Performances. UK: The Baring Foundation.