The repository displays the total number of documents, starting with the most recently published – scroll down to continue looking through the titles and summaries.


You can search in a range of ways by using the filter fields listed.

To search by YEARS scroll through the dates displayed and when chosen the results will automatically display on the right hand side of the page – this will list all the titles and summaries so then DOUBLE CLICK on the title and it will display the full details including direct links to the publication as a PDF download where available.

Use the other Filters fields to search by  CONTEXT or FOCUS or ART FORM for example.

You can use a combination of Filters fields – for example Community – Mental Health – Visual Arts – this will display all documents with Community as the context, with Mental Health as the focus and with Visual Arts as the art form.

Use the KEY WORDS search for more specific areas such  as SOCIAL PRESCRIBING or COPD for example.

You can use the SEARCH field to look for words that appear in titles of documents but is is not a free text search so will not bring up anywhere or everywhere the word NHS appears in the database for example.