This section gives summary information and links to some of the key journals that publish
research, policy and best practice across the fields of arts, arts and health, health, psychology and nursing.

Arts and Health Journals
  • 2010
    The Journal of Applied Arts and Health

    The Journal of Applied Arts and Health

    First published in 2010, the Journal of Applied Arts and Health serves a wide community of artists, researchers, practitioners and policy-makers evidencing the effectiveness of the interdisciplinary use of arts in health and arts for health. It provides a forum for the publication and debate within an interdisciplinary field of arts in healthcare and health promotion. It defines ‘health’ broadly which includes physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, occupational, social and community health and embraces contributions of an international dimension.
    The journal is published in partnership with the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association and provides artists, researchers, healthcare professionals, educators, therapists, programme administrators and funding bodies an opportunity to report and reflect upon innovative effective practices. The effectiveness of applied arts practices is currently under-researched and this journal provides a vehicle for high quality scholarly activity.
    This journal is published by Intellect Books with access via subscription
 - however, the first volume is available as a free download below.

  • 2009
    Arts & Health: An international Journal of Research, Policy and Practice

    Arts & Health: An international Journal of Research, Policy and Practice

    Launched in 2009, the mission of this Arts and Health journal is to develop an international forum of the dissemination of best practice within the interdisciplinary field of arts and health.
    The journal publishes empirical research, policy analysis, theoretical discourse, systematic reviews and examples of best practice in the following areas:
    • Social and medical science research relevant to arts and health
    • Public policy on the role of arts in health
    • Community and public health practice through the arts
    • Health promotion and illness prevention through arts-based interventions
    • Health education supported by the arts
    • Aesthetics and design of healthcare settings and environments
    • The arts in clinical practice (including both physical and mental health)
    • Arts-based research methodologies.