This section profiles some of the key networks that develop, support and promote the work of the organisations and individuals involved in Arts and Health practice and research.


  • 2019
    Nordic Arts & Health Research Network

    Nordic Arts & Health Research Network

    The Nordic Arts & Health Research Network is a forum for exchange and collaboration of Arts & Health researchers within the Nordic area.

    The Arts & Health field is an interdisciplinary field with many stakeholders including arts, cultural, social and health professionals. The focus in the field is on arts engagement for health and wellbeing purposes; aiming to build bridges between sectors and create collaboration using arts and creative activity in various social, educational and health settings.

    The key aims of the Nordic Arts & Health Research Network are to:
    Foster interdisciplinary discussion and co-creation of knowledge (experiential, practical, theoretical) within the interdisciplinary Arts & Health field
    Provide a platform for collaboration in the Nordic context
    Support interaction of Arts & Health research, practice and education
    Promote the development of Arts & Health research and research methodologies
    Serve as a platform for planning new Nordic research and RDI projects
    Disseminate information about the Nordic Arts & Health research for wider audience.

    The network has been launched in 2019 in collaboration of six partners:
    Arts Academy, Turku University of Applied Sciences (administrator & coordinator)
    Centre for Culture & Health (NOCKS), Aalborg University
    Primary Healthcare, Region Skåne
    Royal College of Music in Stockholm
    Volda University College
    National Center for Culture, Health & Care, Nord University.

  • 2018

    Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance

    Launched in March 2018, the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance is a national organisation representing everyone who believes that cultural engagement can transform our health and wellbeing.

  • 2018

    MARCH Network

    The MARCH Network is one of 8 national networks funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) as part of the 2018 Cross-Council Mental Health Plus call to further research into mental health.

    MARCH focuses on social, cultural and community assets – which includes the arts, culture, heritage sites, libraries, green spaces, community centres, social clubs, community associations and volunteer groups – and the role they play in enhancing public mental health and wellbeing, preventing mental illness, and supporting those living with mental health conditions. There are an estimated 1 million of these assets in the UK.

  • 2017

    Arts Health Early Career Research Network

    The Arts Health Early Career Research Network brings together early career researchers working on projects that lie at the intersection of the arts, humanities, health and medicine.
    Its 3 aims are:
    1. To link together early career researchers through social events, networking opportunities and workshops
    2. To provide podcasts and newsletters to help early career researchers
    3. To run training events and promote jobs to enable early career researchers to lead their own research projects.

  • 2016

    Aesop Marketplace

    Aesop Marketplace is like an online dating site. It matches health decision-makers with relevant arts in health programmes in an attractive and time-efficient way. The 24 programmes here can be filtered by NHS region and four health topics.

    Aesop - Arts Enterprise with a Social Purpose - takes society’s needs and problems as the starting point, and incubates evidence-based, cost-effective, sustainable solutions which use high quality arts.

  • 2015

    Special Interest Group in Arts, Health and Wellbeing

    The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) has made important contributions over a number of years in supporting the development of the arts and health field in the UK.
    This group will help to further establish RSPH's role of in helping to support research, evidence-based practice and policy development in this vibrant field, and is supported by a Steering Group.

  • 2013

    Arts Enterprises in Health & Social Care

    This is an action learning set for arts organisations which have already been commissioned by health or social care.
    The 20 members range from specialist arts in health organisations to English National Ballet and National Museums Liverpool. Previous speakers include Dr Michael Dixon (NHS England Clinical Champion for Social Prescribing) and Lord Filkin (Chair of the Centre for Ageing Better). At the end of one meeting, the group decides what it would like to learn about at the next. Any arts organisation which has already been commissioned can join.

  • 2012

    National Alliance for Arts, Health and Wellbeing

    The National Alliance for Arts, Health & Wellbeing was launched in 2012 and aims to provide a clear, focused voice to articulate the role creativity can play in health and wellbeing.
    It seeks to act as a hub for information and research on arts and health work in England and further afield; advocate on behalf of this work;
    encourage the use of the arts by health and social care providers; and to raise standards in this sector.
    The site has direct links to the nine regional arts and health organisation's websites.